Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lots to work on

Went over to the new place to measure my bedroom on Tuesday evening and got the chance to hang out with my soon-to-be roomie and some of her friends. Of course the horses were involved and we all rode a bit. Since mine are still down the street T let me jump on her "green" Andy mare. She's a beauty but compared to Romeo she is nowhere near T kept telling me how green she is and I just laughed and told her to wait till Romeo gets here and then we will have a green horse on the property. At least the mare knows how to yield her hind-end. The short ride on her mare showed just how out of shape I am and how desperately I need to get back in training. It has been years since I've been with a trainer and all that dressage stuff is a little foreign to my ears. It won't take long to back in the swing of things especially since it looks like there will be at least 3 designated ride nights a week. My seat has gotten extremely heavy and lazy. I think that it is because Romeo is a bucker that I ride a little tense. He is also had some bad training before me which made him a very insensitive horse. To improve in this area I am going to ride Dutch bareback in the coming weeks... she is much more sensitive to my seat and riding bareback will force me to pay close attention to her movements. I've been lazy and lost my sense for each footfall and that is a must have in dressage.

It has been unbelievably hot here. On Tues the temperature was 107, putting the heat index over 115. Today it has cooled off to about 102. Far too hot to ride while the sun is shining, we rode in the arena Tues eve with the lights, I can't wait to get over there! It looks like the temp might go below 100 this weekend and early next week so maybe Dutch and I can go out just before dusk for a quick ride soon....sigh....I'm ready for Sept to get here.