Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back in the saddle..... FINALLY!!

Yes, you read that correctly.... the Flying Solo is finally getting back in the saddle!!!!!!

The fields are planet.... YIPPEE!!! Now all we can do is sit back and hope it grows!!!

All the other projects left can be done slowly so a little bit of work here and there should get it done in the next few weeks. It's hard work running a farm!!!

But enough about that and on to the riding part....

Good news..... I remembered how to saddle a horse!!!

Bad news..... while my mind remembered how to ride, my body didn't really corporate. One of my problems is my problematic lower back. My hips like to get out of whack and when that happens it makes riding slightly difficult. So I need to make an appointment with my pt friend to get them even again. It is so bad right now that I can feel a drastic difference in weight on my seat bones.... I can't imagine how it feels to Romeo!!!!

Romeo was excellent!!!! He was actually somewhat quiet.... very unusual for him but I was grateful. I think part of it is that now that he is by himself he enjoys any attention I give him. Works well for me;-)

We took it really slow on Tues and will for the rest of the week. Mostly due to the fact that since I can tell my hips are off I do not think it is fair to work him really hard when it it near impossible to ride correctly. Lots of walk work and just a little of trot work. I am hoping to get everything straightened out this weekend so we can get back to some hard work next week. Roomie's b-day is over memorial day weekend so we talked to trainer M about the possibility of doing a mini clinic with her for the whole weekend!!!! That would be 2 weeks before our first show and would really kick us into high gear!!!! I really hope it works out!!!

The weather has been great this week so hopefully I will get to ride tonight, tomorrow night, and maybe even Saturday night:-)