Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring project pt 2

Ok so the spring project has turned into a HUGE project. Turns out reseeding pastures is expensive and time-consuming. There has been little to almost no riding this month:-/ most of the free-time that we have had, which hasn't been much, has been spent on tractors, pounding t-post, and running hot fence. So, so glad we are doing this in March and not in August... but still.... it is hard work and sorta depressing that we have no time to ride.

Good news is that we only have 4 horses on the property, which makes tearing up pastures easier. Blue and Gator went off to roomie's friends place, Dutch is at my parents, and it looks like JB is headed to a new career as a therapy horse (which will be fantastic for him). Looks like we will soon be down to only 3 horses!!! OMG what will we do with only 3 horses!!! The farm already looks weird with 4. Although it is still wild as Jo and Romeo like to keep their owners on their toes at all times. Ria is definitely enjoying having her own pasture away for the annoying boys, however Romeo and Jo think that this whole solo turnout thing sucks!! I will say that I very much enjoy my accident-prone horse being all by himself. It's amazing how torn up they get when turned out together.

So the pastures are all ready for planting and we have the 5 acres around the house divided up into the planned 5 paddocks. The big 5 acre lot is not yet fenced but since the whole thing is being reseeded it is not on the priority list to be fenced. We are hoping to turn the eventually 2 small 1-horse paddocks and the 1 3-horse paddock into an area for boarders (so this farm can make some money!!!) at some point, but first we need some good grass in there.

The whole not riding thing is getting pretty depressing. The weather here in AR is so unpredictable at this time of the year. Plus it rains and rains and rains which puts off fence building and tractor work and of course riding:-/

I am so ready to get back in the saddle and gear up for the up coming show season (roomie and I's season doesn't start till June because of all the farm work). Although I might not remember how to saddle up a horse... much less ride after all this time off.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring project

I'll start with the sad news.... Dutch is gone:-( She didn't go very far.... just down the street to live at her favorite place.... my parents backyard. She was so excited she literally jumped off the trailer and dragged me down the drive into the pasture. It makes me happy to know she was so excited to be there.... it sure is weird to not see her in the pasture with Romeo. I still see her everyday... the deal with dad is that I get free board but I do all the work. So.... I go by twice a day to feed her, which is kind of a pain but I do enjoy seeing her everyday, that sweet nicker I get every time she sees me just makes my heart smile:-)

So why did I move her? First off, my friend who has been taking lessons hasn't been coming regularly so Dutch is not longer earning her board, and it really doesn't make sense to spend that money on her when it needs to be spent on lessons for Romeo. It's part of the whole getting-your-prioritizes-straight lesson that I'm learning. So Dutch is at her retirement home for now.... :-(

As far as riding goes...... well it hasn't!!! This month has been cold and rainy which makes the arena a mess. I can't wait for the day that we can put in all weather footing!! Roomie was thinking it would be this summer however our pasture project will take all the arena footing money and then some so footing has been put off for more important things:-(

So what is the pasture project??? So glad you asked:-) We are dividing the ten acres, which currently has 1 large 5 acre pasture, 1 maybe 3 acre pasture and 3 other small pastures, into 10 small pastures. Oh and we are reseeding about 7 of the acres.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it!! We are currently working on a game-plan to get it all done in a timely fashion.... we will see if it can be done!!!