Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm moving!!!!!! And I get to take my babies with me!!!!!!

The long awaited dream once again having my horses in my backyard will soon come true. I've been looking for a way to increase income and decrease spending. One of the ways to decrease spending is to find a new place to live that is much cheaper. I girl down the street from parents has a room for rent. The plus is that she owns 10 acres:-) but wait.... it gets even better... she has a barn! and a wash rack! and her mudroom is her tack room:-) but wait... there's more.... OMG its the best thing about this place.... it has an arena!!! Not one but 2!!! it has a dressage arena and a jump arena!!! Plus lights.. so I can ride at night in this horrid heat and in the evenings in the winter.

I think I've died and gone to heaven:-) Another great thing about it is that this girl is really good friends with a girl who does eventing. She, of course, has to travel out of state to event but Tif says they always have an open spot in the trailer:-) It just keeps getting better doesn't it. That big ol talented dumbbutt of mine might actually get to event!!! I'm one happy momma!!! The pasture isn't perfect but with them being right there I can feed twice a day and its only minutes away from dad's pasture so worse comes to worse the mare goes there every few weeks to eat up the grass there. In fact it's close enough to throw into the summer rotation. I am very, very excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for us with this opportunity.

The dog and the cat get to come too:-) The downside is that I will no longer have my own place:( and that I will have a roommate. I don't mind having a roommate and since Tif and I have just met I think that it will be just fine, but living with another person can be quite frustrating at times, however the fact that we are both horse people should make things easier on us.

So basically I and my 4 pets will get to live here and pay less then what I am currently paying for just me and the smaller pets:-) Very much an answer to prayer and I am so thankful that He has directed my path here!!!!

Bad news is that with this sudden decision to move there will no time for riding till everything is packed up and moved:( Oh well I guess the price to pay is a small one.. soon we will all be together and I can kiss noses every morning and night!!:-)